Looks a Bit Like Russell but Minchin is More Talented

As I consolidate my standing in the ranks of the skeptical community, I have increasing encountered the name of Tim Minchin in conversation, on You Tube and rising rapidly up the greasy pole of celebrity status. If you don’t already know about Tim , there’s a bit of Russell about him with the hair and eyeliner, a bit of Eddie with the occasional tangental thoughts, and Bill Bailey may be his long lost father but this Aussie with attitude has talent in spades. Keep your eye on this guy. My psychic third eye tells me he has much further to go (and I have been eavesdropping on the gossip going round London). This song kept going through my head for two days before the neurotransmitters finally packed up.


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5 responses to “Looks a Bit Like Russell but Minchin is More Talented

  1. podblack

    I interviewed him during his second Aust tour (one of his young relatives said I should catch up with him – ‘he’s like you, but funny’… hmph!). Saw him playing Mozart in Shaffer’s ‘Amadeus’ – http://podblack.com/?p=1227 – and it certainly put a different spin on the role!

    Full YouTube Skeptic Zone interview here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUOT_h_JSoA

  2. Ahh, thank you for blogging about him – I saw him once on TV a little while ago and couldn’t remember his name. I remember trying “ginger Australian comedian” at the time, but couldn’t find him – there must be more than I thought.

  3. Tim Minchin is god, accept no substitutes

  4. Arno

    *laughs* I just put your description of him on Google and the first hit is actually an article on Tim, Katie!
    But yes, having listened to him, I have to agree he is all sorts of awesome. A skeptical atheist with some very funky piano tunes and great lyrics. And the more serious songs (“Drowned”, “Not perfect” and “Christmas”) are all just downright gorgeous.

    And much better than Russell.

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