Do I Sound Like Robin Williams or on Speed?

Thank you Little Atoms for the interview last friday in London. I have to say  that I think I sound a bit like Robin Williams (a comparison I have had before). So have  listen and let me know. I am really so surprised that I sound so manic! Do I really talk that fast? Gosh.


Thanks to Tracy King over at SkepChick who has just posted my guest article, “Who Put the Woo in Woomen?”


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6 responses to “Do I Sound Like Robin Williams or on Speed?

  1. I don’t think you sound manic, but I can sort of see the Robin Williams comparison.

    Something I have noticed is that your Scottish accent is stronger/weaker in different situations. My American accent does that – I think it’s a trans-Atlantic trait.

    Good interview, and not at all on speed/crack/meths!

    • brucehood

      Apparently, I am a heavy breather (hmm – might come in handy) and the mics picked this up – that’s why they edited out the bits in between utterances making it sound like I had verbal diahorrea!

      Yes, the accent is all over the place depending on where and who I talk to.

  2. Nah, you sounded excellent — great interview !

  3. jacarandamimosifolia

    In the Skepchicks piece you say: “”I had not been paying attention to the growing body of non-scientists interested in critical thinking.”


    I don’t think critical thinking has ever been the sole preserve of scientists. Artists, throughout history, have often in fact been quite good at it.

    It’s great to hear you’re discovering intelligence beyond the lab!

    • brucehood

      Point taken… I am meanwhile embroiled in an argument about space travel over at Skepchicks. Gosh some people…..

  4. I think you speak relatively quickly in that interview, but I was more than able to follow you as you are a concise and non-mumbling speaker. Nicely done.

    I also liked the guest post, and am pleased you are tickled to learn of the Zombie Crush. I think it is popular among women and men, though perhaps women are more willing to initially overlook physical appearances if they are accompanied by an interesting mind.

    I have always found unintelligent men to be a complete waste of my time, regardless of the size of their biceps. (I do admit that I like looking at their biceps but I am “only human”.)

    Thank you for introducing me to Skepchicks! What a wonderful online community!

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