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Miracles Are Real Says Scientist

A leading scientist says that miracles are real. Professor Bruce Hood from the University of Bristol published a report today that proves that the impossible is possible. In his research, Hood found newspapers often print stories that misrepresent ideas. He says he has discovered a new species, sub-editorious that lives off attention grabbing headlines. Today he revealed that he had received an apology in an email from the Sunday Times and an offer to correct inaccuracies in the online version, thus proving that not all journalists are unscrupulous. However, Hood says his theory is based on data from one journalist and so it remains an anecdote. Still that will not stop him claiming that his research proves Richard Dawkins is wrong about the existence of God.

Hmm. maybe I could begin another career.

Thanks to Jonathan Leake for setting the record straight.

UPDATE: The Times is fast becoming my favoured paper as it reported that Prof Hood wore snazzy clothes and was a star at this week’s British Science Festival. Journalists aren’t so bad after all.


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