Viva España

spain-flagBienvenidos a todos mis visitantes españoles. Espero que esté aquí debido a la reciente transmisión televisiva en España, cuando hablé con el inteligente Eduard Punset. Espero que usted compra el libro porque está lleno de historias mucho más interesantes.

Eduard Punset & me outside a Barcelona Romanesque Church

Eduard Punset & me outside a Barcelona Romanesque Church

I really enjoyed my Barcelona visit and interview with Eduard which is broadcast on Spanish television tonight. I hope I don’t upset any Catalan visitors by showing the Spanish flag but I want as wide an audience as possible! BTW Spain is one country that has not yet bought the publishing rights for SuperSense – Come on Amigos… “Por favor compra el libro porque es muy bueno!”

Here is the broadcast link if you missed it!


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20 responses to “Viva España

  1. Miguel A

    Yes, i am here because of the program of Eduard Punset. Your point of view is interesting. I will try to get the book. After the death of my mother some years ago as result of cancer deseases i have been thinking a lot on this things. At present my conclusion is that a physic world exists out of us that depends on Physics laws. We are hardwired for rational thinking and our rational brain constructions are good enough to deal with this natural world. Alternative brain constructions, as those resulting from drugs are as real as those resulting from rational thinking (Probably this is one of the reason of adiction) but they do not work fine for individual survival in the physical world that is out. The point that has been suggested to me after the TV program is an analogy, if believing is also hardwired in our brain, may be a supranatural world will also exist…These non rational (spiritual) brain construction are there to survive in this non physical reality. Sorry for my english, i am spaniard. Miguel A

  2. brucehood

    Hi Miguel… thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Your English is much better than my Spanish! I hope you enjoy the book and look forward to your opinion of it.

  3. Albert


    Another with the Eduard Punset’s program. I really enjoyed the program and your point of view. I also will try to get the book and review your studies.

    Congratulations for your job.


  4. Miguel

    Hi, I saw you too on TV. I will also try to get your book but surely I will follow you here in the blog.

  5. Dear Professor Hood,

    In The New Evolutionary Enlightenment and From the Exile we would like to make you an interview, too.

    We found your researches very interesting and, of course, we will read your book about them.

    Warm greetings, from Spain.

  6. Neil Halley

    Hi Bruce,
    There I was sitting channel hopping when I noticed Eduard Punset talking to someone from my distant past who looked familiar. Congratulations on the success of your book and greetings from Spain. (I’ve been living in Blanes , north of Barcelona for 4 years now)

    All the best
    Neil Halley

  7. Fernando

    Dear Bruce,
    I saw too the interview. Really congratulations cause I think the mix aproach cientific/phicologic could be the best option to explain most of the things arround us.
    I will like to read your book but in spanish, cause for sure the translation i’ll be able to do would be worst than a profesional one.
    Could you please tell to the spanophone comunity if it’s posible to find spanish version.

  8. Dear Professor,

    I saw you too on TV -congratulations- and I have a question. In the interview You talk about an article in Science about superstition, isn’t it? I am interested in it, so, can You tell me the reference?

    Thank you and greetings from Madrid. I’m looking for Your book…

    Pedro Moya

  9. I found your book after your interview by Eduard Punset redes’ tv show. But it will be great if finally we get it also in Spanish. Kind regards, from Madrid.

  10. Joan

    yes, it will be nice if you change the spanish flag in the post for another thing… perhaps a photo…

    some nationalities in Spain don’t like it much

    • Pau

      I disagree.
      Spanish flag is perfect to represent Spanish people.
      In Spain, there is no Nationalities out of Spanish.

      Best regards.

  11. David

    Dear Bruce,

    I am also here because I have seen your interview with Eduardo. Your point of view is very interesting and has made me recognize that even I consider myself quite rational, there is still a lot of irrationality inside myself. People should be taught to control themselves without falling into superstition, for the sake of their mental sanity.


  12. Pau

    Very interesting interview.
    I think your book will be more purchased in Spain if translation is done.

    Best regards.

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