Zombie Movie in 1 Minute

You know how I like stories about zombies. I am incredibly busy at the moment but just had to post this brilliant video that I found over at Pod Black

I think that all movies should be made like this.


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6 responses to “Zombie Movie in 1 Minute

  1. podblack

    Mwah! A man after my own heart. Thankfully, not brains too…:D Oh, hoping that someone recorded your ‘Chance, Romance…’ lecture this week? Most sad that I’m a hemisphere away and couldn’t attend. 😦

  2. brucehood

    Yes, my pants went down well though I don’t think anyone recorded the event. No doubt there will be lots of cameras tomorrow when the real celebs turn up!

  3. Love this! I loved 28 Days, too, but I’m glad I saw it first. 🙂

  4. Bruce,
    Now this is a zombie movie I can love. LMAO

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