Fascinating Interview

I am off to Texas next week to attend the Cognitive Development Society meeting in San Antonio- ye hah!

Prisoner 3165

Prisoner 3165

I will not be posting but I will be checking in periodically to read your comments. In case you get lonesome for me, here is the interview that I did at Googleplex during the SciFoo Meeting in July at Mountain View, California. Check out the jazzy piano at the beginning by the talented neuroscientist turned-musician, Vijay Iye (actually he was doing his own thing). I love the ethereal choir as well.


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4 responses to “Fascinating Interview

  1. Leigh

    That was an exceptionally good overview given the amount of time you had.
    I can imagine that numerous TED speakers would tend to feel stalked by the clock as they are forced to tighten up their respective presentations and only gloss over some of the important aspects they might wish to dwell upon.
    I am glad to see that you are up to the task however.
    Tight and punchy Bruce, that’s the way forward.

  2. Leigh

    The nomination form on the TED site requires the nominator to provide your email address Bruce.
    Is that something you want to make public?

  3. Bluemoon

    I’d vote for you……..we should have a new bus campaign! “We probably should have Bruce speak at the next TED” Anyone want to take it on?

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