Remember the Alamo! Ozzy Does.

The Alamo (or what's left of it)

The Alamo (or what's left of it)

The Cognitive Development Society conference in San Antonio, Texas has just ended and I am sitting here in Atlanta, waiting for a connecting flight to Newark and then to Bristol, UK. This long journey home began this morning with a 7am flight. It will take me 24hrs to reach jolly olde England but I guess that this is nothing compared to journeys before the modern era.

Whilst here, I checked out The Alamo and was surprised to discover that of the 189 men who died defending the fort in the struggle for Texan independence from Mexico, the majority were not from Texas. In fact, 29 were Europeans with a mixture of English, Irish, Scots, Welsh, German and even Danish. Imagine traveling all that distance to end up in a massacre.

Davy Crockett's Flintlock

Davy Crockett's Flintlock

Decades later another Englishman was less welcome in San Antonio. The Alamo is considered sacred and the Shrine of Texas Liberty. All hats must be removed on entering the hallowed remains. No photographs are allowed inside. And like religious shrines, it has its relics including Davy Crockett’s gun and personal belongings on display in glass cabinets. (ok so I violated the strict rules with this iPhone shot). So it is no surprise that the authorities did not take too kindly to a drunken Ozzy Osbourne, dressed in his wife’s clothes urinating on the Alamo back in 1982 during a binge in San Antonio. (By taking away his clothes, Sharon thought he would have no way of getting out of the hotel).

The Texans were so outraged by this desecretion that Ozzy was banned from San Antonio for 10 years until he finally apologized and apparently made a $10K donation to the Daughters of the Republic of Texas who maintain the upkeep of the Alamo. I looked into this amusing story and found reports that he had not in fact desecreted the Alamo but rather the cenotaph outside the fort erected much later. Still, sacred is sacred and you don’t want to piss off Texans – they like to carry guns and consult the bible when deciding the fate of criminals.


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6 responses to “Remember the Alamo! Ozzy Does.

  1. podblack

    Oh, that is a great story! 🙂 And remember to take care of yourself, like nab some time on the plane to walk about a bit? Do those nice stretchy-exercises that they have on the folder in the plane-seat pocket. I’ve done the Aust-NZ-USA-return and the Aus-UK-USA-NZ-return trek a few times in the past and it’ll help with relaxing to get moving en route, even if it’s just to break up the being-seated for hours on end. 🙂

  2. Speaking as a Texan and someone who could actually belong to the Daughters of the Republic if I wanted – I declare it is not the Alamo itself that is sacred but the gold that is rumored to be burried under that street right in front of the Alamo.

    We have our priorities, you know. That Bible is good for business . . . rakes in all kinds of money 😉

  3. Poor Ozzie. He probably asked direction to the loo, but no one could understand him. It’s not his fault. Really.

    But yes. Too true about Texas and criminals. Big no-no.

    Hope your trip home is uneventful. Don’t forget to move your legs every few hours.

  4. brucehood

    Dear Podblack, Tricia & Poietes, I made it back in one piece and so far no DVT but thank you for the concern and advice. Only hiccup was when I got to the car in the airport & found I had left the lights on – DOH!

  5. No doubt it was just a ghost in the machine, Bruce

  6. Very good article, found it interesting. Will certainly check out more. Thanks

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