Noah’s Ark Zoo Runs Aground

Back in January, I blogged about Michael Shermer’s visit to the creationist zoo in Somerset, Noah’s Ark. We had a fun day trying to make sense of the owner, Anthony Bush’s warped sense of reality. “Yes, of course God created all the animals but not in 10,000 years- that would be nonsense. No, he did it in 100,000 years!” proclaimed Anthony, adding, “We not like those crazy literal creationists you have in America.”

Well, today the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (BIAZA) expelled Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm for bringing the association into disrepute. Sadly, it was not for blatant pseudoscience and misleading the thousands of children who visit the zoo every year. Turns out that Anthony has been a bit naughty. He has been running an illegal breeding programme for endangered species and was exposed by an undercover BBC reporting team that showed he had even buried a tiger at the zoo, contravening health and safety as well as animal care legislation. Anthony Bush’s excuse was that all he had done was treat it as if a pet had died.

I doubt whether expulsion from BIAZA will have any major effect on the zoo; especially if schools are prepared to send children to Noah’s Ark for educational visits. When we were there, Anthony showed us the new educational centre they were completing. Still, he might think twice about burying the elephant in the sand pit. Like most creationists who ignore the overwhelming evidence for evolution, sadly Anthony has already buried his own head there.


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8 responses to “Noah’s Ark Zoo Runs Aground

  1. Wow, some good new finally !
    Is BIAZA a government organization?

  2. Is it just me, or does trying to breed endangered species seem a bit like playing God?

  3. Wow, “playing God”, that is an interesting phrase. Not one I’d expect to see used on this site as a persuasion tool. Though looking at Tricia’s Blogger profile shows she has a website ready to fire up call “Menopausal Stoner”, so maybe it is sarcasm !

    But just in case Tricia is serious:
    Gene Therapy is called “playing God” by religious folks to stop the activity. Making moral claims based on knowing the desires of an all-knowing and all-punishing invisible spirit is immoral. Alonzo, interestingly enough, just did a little post on that.

  4. This American is pretty slow at picking up on dry sarcasm — a British specialty, I do believe. 🙂

    But oddly enough, James, being an American Engineer, you pick-up on it right away. I have been shamed by my own kind! Sniffle.

  5. Andrew Atkinson

    There is some money it seems, in burying elephants in a sand pit…

  6. Bruce,
    I remember that my comments about your original post were a bit snide at the time as I have a real problem with centers that have dinosaur bones with saddles atop them, implying that homosapiens and dinos inhabited the earth together. I remember that I felt a bit bad for being so judgmental at the time. However . . .

    This update just confirms my original impression . . . He buried the tiger in the backyard like the deceased family pet? Please. So glad that he’s not a literal creationist or who knows what he might have done.

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