Human Voodoo Doll?

This one really beggars belief! A two-year-old Brazilian boy was admitted to hospital with 50 sewing needles inserted into him. The boy who lives with his mother and step-father is apparently not in any immediate danger but the needles have been inserted close to vital organs making their removal difficult. The mother has no explanation but the finger has been pointed and the boy’s stepfather with the accusation that  it is something to do with black magic. The family clearly live in poverty and once again we are reminded that the most vulnerable always seem to suffer when people turn to ritual.

I hope that this story turns out to be a fake as we discovered with the one about the Peruvian gang last month who were reported as killing victims for their body fat to be sold to the cosmetics industry, but somehow this xray seems pretty convincing that this poor child has been used as a human pin cushion. Whether it is superstitious ritual remains to be determined. Merry Christmas


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2 responses to “Human Voodoo Doll?

  1. Isn’t there some kind of weird mental disorder that causes people to do something like this to themselves? I seem to remember seeing pictures of X-rays like this before…. Or maybe I am just thinking of X-rays of people who have the disorder that makes them compulsively swallow stuff….

    Meh, didn’t find anything with Googling, and it seems the father has confessed (though as we all ought to know by know, even a confession given in earnest is by no means proof positive…) That’s messed up…. supersense gone badly awry, eh?

  2. logistikon

    James – You may be thinking of American serial killer and child cannibal, Albert Fish. He derived sexual pleasure from inserting needles deep into his perineum – and leaving them there.

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