It’s a Dog’s Life

Assailant sniffing the bottom of supermarket worker

Plymouth police in Devon, England are currently searching for a man caught on CCTV sniffing the bottom of a supermarket employee while he stacks shelves. The footage over on the Daily Telegraph website shows him casually pretending to chose items from shelves before suddenly crouching down behind the employee. Police are treating the incident seriously but I am not sure that it really constitutes a “sexual assualt.” With the likelihood of increased use of bomb sniffing of intimate areas at airport security, maybe he is getting in some practice.


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3 responses to “It’s a Dog’s Life

  1. Bruce,
    I have missed your posts along these lines. Have to say that I snorted hot tea up my nose as a result. Hilarious.

    I always thought that foot fetishes were a bit strange, but bum-sniffing in public places? That is a winner for certain.

  2. Andrew Atkinson

    I have been wondering, if at all, there is anything funny, witty, or even sensible, to say about this post.

    What on earth, would possess a dude, to sniff another dude’s butt?

    Surely this has to be a fake Bruce… off some comedy show say…

  3. brucehood

    Go to the Telegraph link where they have footage and decide for yourself – I think the guy is for real. There are all manner of weird and bizarre fetishes which is why I posted it here.

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