Storm Preview

Crashed the remaining car last night in a snow storm on the way back to my ridiculously isolated home in the countryside. No one hurt but what’s this weather all about in a place like Somerset for Beelzebub’s sake? So now I await at home for the phonecall  from the recovery vehicle to tell me to put on my snow shoes and parka and meet them at the scene. In the meantime, browsing Twitter and noticed that Crispian Jago has written a witty piece and posted the preview for the forthcoming animation short of Tim Minchin’s masterpiece “Storm” – how appropriate – enjoy.


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4 responses to “Storm Preview

  1. Sorry about your crash, but glad that no one was injured. Thanks for the Minchin.

  2. Steve Page

    Glad no serious damage was done, Bruce – it’s probably a fair assumption to say that you’re not the type to anthropomorphize your vehicle, but on the off-chance that you are, I hope that he/she gets well soon. 🙂

  3. brucehood

    Hi Steve, I am afraid that they are both at the mechanics having autopsies and it looks like a double burial with rites.

  4. Bad news on the car front…… but laughing at Tim Minchin helps a little doesn’t it?

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