Robyn Williams Gets Me

I have given more interviews than I can remember and always come away with the feeling that I have said something stupid. Very rarely do I feel that I have said what I really meant and I am loathe to listen back to recordings because like most people, I am uncomfortable listening to myself prattling on. But there is one individual who has interviewed me twice and always seem to get the best out of me. Robyn Williams is the science correspondent for Australia’s ABC Science Show and is one of the best interviewers around coz he takes the time to research his guests and their ideas. Here is the interview that I did with him at the British Science Association meeting last Sept which has just been broadcast. I think this is probably the most clear and succinct account of the theory I have been peddling. I am about 6 mins in. I’d be interested to know what you think of it.


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6 responses to “Robyn Williams Gets Me

  1. Gammidgy

    That man is a legend. Ben Goldacre’s uncle, is he not? The Science Show is great radio and is always on my iPod.

  2. Definitely a great guy. In fact, the whole of Radio National, the ABC radio channel on which you can often hear him, is great. When I was living in OZ, my car radio never needed to switch channels.


    Thought it was a good, clear and confident nutshell explanation of religious cultural dynamics. It would be interesting to hear something of your views on the role of social cohesion and group selection in the shaping and transmission of religious culture.

    I’ve yet to get round to your work, and Paul Bloom’s, on dualism, but that kind of seating for religious concepts, and the hyperactive agency detection described by Boyer et al has my bid.

  4. hi
    i’ve been a robyn williams fan for more than 30 years. and an obsessive compulsive radio national
    listener for 5 or 10 years .
    here is a better link to your interview : ( 4.25MB )
    your thinking reminded me of ryan mackay and his
    thinking on delusion and external agents

  5. brucehood

    Thank you Dave.. that was very kind of you.

    Yes, I met Ryan last year when I invited him and Dan Dennett to a meeting in Trinity College, Cambridge which was absolutely fab!
    I have just published a comment on Ryan’s theory with Dan in the latest Brain & Behavioral Sciences… what a small world it is.
    All the best

  6. Excellent interview. It does state well, and in a short bit, the core of your message.

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