Richard Saunders Bomb Detector Training Program

As you are probably aware by now, the success of the ADE651, GT200 and other similar bomb detecting devices is critically dependent on training which accounts for a large proportion of the cost. Richard Saunders of the Australian Skeptics Zone sent me his cost-effective method for dowsing training that I think could substantially reduce the price of these devices and make them a household product as common as.. as .. as the coat-hanger for example.


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3 responses to “Richard Saunders Bomb Detector Training Program

  1. Freaky how it worked for most of the volunteers when they weren’t blinded. I never got the chance as a kid to do the Ouija board thing, so I’ve never really experienced the ideomotor effect. It’s weird to see it in action…

  2. What a fantastically simple demonstration, and how brilliant is Richard!

  3. brucehood

    Believe me, it is unbelievable.. the ideomotor effect doesn’t work with everyone but it does for most. I can readily appreciate why the troops on the front line were convinced.
    I don’t want to run the gamut of any libel law because I don’t won’t to be overwhelmed by the power of the UK libel systems but really something went very wrong somewhere – you decide

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