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Burying Your Head in the Sand to Save Face?

Bomb Crater In Southern Thailand On Monday

Here is a picture a crater from Monday caused by a bomb that was not “detected” by a woo bomb-detector. Yesterday the Thai government instructed its army to stop using the GT200 though it appears that soldiers are resorting to using chopsticks as an alternative. However, some officers in the Thai Army are determined to save face and will continue to use them according to the Bangkok Post.

We know from Leon Festinger’s cognitive dissonance theory that people justify their mistakes by ignoring evidence that contradicts their position (read “Mistakes were Made: But not By Me” by Carol Tavris & Elliot Aronson). But maybe there is another reason- these devices are a pretty good excuse for arresting suspects for questioning who are “contaminated” with explosive residue.

Meanwhile I spoke to BBC correspondent Caroline Hawley last week who helped expose the ADE651 and was shocked to learn that the device was still in use at check-points in Iraq. With the general elections in Iraq coming up next month, the likelihood is that there will more bombs that are not detected by these dowsing rods. Simply saying that they work is not acceptable and I don’t think you should try to save face by burying your head in the sand.

Saving Face By Burying Your Head in the Sand

In march, I will be in New York to talk to the Nour Foundation about the origins and power of supernatural beliefs and how people exploit this weakness. I will also make the point that there is no barrier to being taken in. The Nour Foundation is supported by the United Nations. They may be interested to know that the UN Environment Program bought 15 GT200 devices in 2005!


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