UFO Sightings to Become Ex-Files

What is the Ministry of Defence Hiding?

So far, it has been somewhat of a bumper beginning to 2010 for skeptics in the UK. First bomb dowsing is exposed and banned, then we have the recommendation to remove homeopathy from the National Health Service, Simon Singh’s libel case brought by the British Chiropractor  Association is gathering positive momentum (against the bone manipulators!) and today I learned that the Ministry of Defence will destroy reports of UFO sightings in the UK.  This move follows up on the decision to shut the British UFO investigation unit and telephone hotline.

Is it due to a drop in reported sightings? On the contrary, sightings have been increasing steadily in recent years according to a former MoD employee who used to work in the UFO unit. It would seem that the MoD are fed up having to respond to Freedom of Information requests from UFO hunters. On the other hand, that might just be the cover story….

I hope this sweeping rationalism does not go too far. Otherwise I will have nothing to blog about. There again, that’s the nature of belief… the more you try to remove it, the stronger it becomes!


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13 responses to “UFO Sightings to Become Ex-Files

  1. Your conclusion seems a bit too negative. Couldn’t you have concluded that we have clearly learned all there is to know about extraterrestrials who visit Earth? i.e. there aren’t any. Anyway, superstitions have a way of coming back like an annoying ex – just every time with a different hairstyle. Have you heard that the Taliban have flying drones that radar can not detect? They’ve been spotted everywhere but the government is trying to hide the truth.

  2. Don’t you worry that it is the very same government ability to legislate against woo that also will let them legislate for sharia law?

  3. brucehood

    As a philosopher, Konrad you should know the fallacy of proving the negative! I am happy for people to believe – just so long as they don’t do a mass suicide and hope to hitch a ride in a spacecraft hidden in the blazing tail of a passing comet. There again, that might be a good Darwinian selection mechanism.
    Yep Sabio,, there will always be state-sanctioned woo

  4. Who you callin’ a philosopher? Me or Sabio?

  5. Ah, you went and changed your comment while I was writing mine!

  6. And in reply to your point – the fallacy holds only for deductive proofs, if anywhere. What it is rational to believe, however, extends far beyond that. Witness the fact that most people don’t try to walk downstairs out of their window. So, don’t try those Jedi mind tricks on me, mate.

  7. thetruthhides

    In reality there has been a drop in requests since 2005, the academic paper ‘PRELIMINARY ANALYSIS OF DATA RELATING TO THE PROCESSING OF FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT REQUESTS RECEIVED BY THE UK MINISTRY OF DEFENCE’ by Alasdair Roberts for Sussex University details this.

    Also this fact is further highlighted by Dr David Clarkes blog (http://drdavidclarke.blogspot.com/2010_01_01_archive.html) he also shows how there has been a decrease in requests for UFO related material.

    So the Government and Nick Pope have done a good job trying to re-enforce this idea that the MoD is struggling to cope with the demands of UFO investigators, but the MoDs own data tells a different story. In fact, UFO requests amount to less than 4% of FOI requests. I’ll be blogging on the full story later today http:\\thetruthhides.wordpress.com

  8. Oh Bruce, given the human mind’s proclivity for the irrational and supernatural, you’ll never run out of material. And regarding your comment “…. that’s the nature of belief… the more you try to remove it, the stronger it becomes!” I have a strong hunch that you are correct, and that this move will strongly fuel the conspiracy thinking among the UFO believers. What is the government hiding? You gotta love this stuff!

    Congratulations to all those involved in the rationalism movement in the UK, for the positive steps evidenced this year!! And you Bruce, have played an important part. Well done!!

  9. brucehood

    Ah schucks!

  10. As my dentist once said to me….

    “The tooth is out….. there!”

  11. Andrew Atkinson

    Aw! I really am skeptical about the mass hysteria surrounding UFO sightings (even though I’ve had one at age 14 whilst being told a joke about a pig with a flick knife, Siverbirch Road, 9.34pm, chatting up Heather Cruise, gel-spiked hair (on me) ), alien ‘greys’ and concomitant abductions – but doesn’t it still remian possible, that somewhere, out there in space other than earth, the right conditions for life to have evolved have been met? I quite like the idea really. Maybe one day they really will bring back Elvis. And on that note, I changed my mind – I hate the idea.

    Beam me up Scotty …

  12. Bruce,
    I’m sorry, but I just know that your government must be hiding something; otherwise, why would the MoD get rid of the UFO’s. I mean, don’t you think it’s entirely possible that Tony Blair was beamed down from the same mother ship that gave us the entire Bush family? I sense an alien conspiracy. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

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