Songs of Praise

Last night I gave a talk at Bristol’s Skeptics in the Pub where I demonstrated that our experiences can be easily misled. I showed the hilarious alternative lyrics video of Carmina Burana that I managed to download before the spoil-sports who own the copyright made YouTube take it down. After the talk, Dr. Suzi Gage told me about Adam Buxton’s reinterpretation of “Songs of Praise” and so I am posting them here for your entertainment while I get on with some serious work. Now I know why Dan Dennett likes singing in his church choir – Enjoy!


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9 responses to “Songs of Praise

  1. HA! 😀 I actually used the ‘Songs of Praise’ during my presentation on skepticism and belief at the recent Global Atheist Convention! 😀 It went down wonderfully!

    I think so many people were accustomed to the usual ‘Stairway to Heaven’ routine that Shermer, Wiseman, et al use – that I asked Adam Buxton if I could use his work. After showing the lyrics afterwards, people realised how they’d been fooled. 🙂

  2. I was at your talk last night to Skeptics in the Pub as a group from the University of Bristol Atheist, Agnostic and Secularist Society. I found your talk really interesting and these video examples particularly hilarious examples of how easily we’re fooled!

    I’m enjoying you on the radio again right now:

  3. brucehood

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for this… no one told me that I was on BBC4 last night – that would explain the spike in book sales on Amazon!

    Glad you enjoyed last night

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  5. jacarandamimosifolia

    Those videos are absolutely brilliant!

  6. What…..

    No saucy codpiece?

    ……amateur stuff.

  7. Argh. Nobbly beat me to SaucyvCodpiece.

    Thanks for that. Richard Gere was my favorite part. I needed a laugh today.

  8. The O Fortuna piece, although shifted by the youtube humour police, can now be found here…

    …if anyone is still interested.

  9. Ava

    These videos were funny 🙂 …… although the “Funky Songs of Praises…” one didn’t really fool me. I could hear the real words. That’s probably because the words in that song were much clearer than the largely ambiguous words of the hymn.

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