Hanako-san: Enough to Scare the Crap Out of You

One of my favourite sites is the fabulous pinktentacle and I have shamelessly pinched their latest posting for this week’s unbelievable belief. As any of you that have seen, “The Ring” or “The Grudge” already know, the Japanese excel in psychological horror where awkwardly moving spirits of children terrorize adults. From pinktentacle we learn of another cultural ghoul, “Hanako-san” who is the spooky spirit of a girl that inhabits the school lavatories.

"I don't remember eating that!"

Apparently she favours haunting the third stall, and children across Japan regularly call out before relieving themselves to check if she is present. The toilets in Japan are notorious for giving unsuspecting Westerners a watery surprise upon flushing, but Hanako-san is one toilet terror I would prefer not to meet.


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11 responses to “Hanako-san: Enough to Scare the Crap Out of You

  1. I love Japanese horror movies. They are so much scarier than their western counterparts. Hanako-san is truly creepy. Imagine having to call out before heading into a stall . . .

  2. Arno

    “For the most part, Hanako-san is harmless and can be avoided simply by staying away from her designated hiding spot. But if you ever need to get rid of her, try showing her a graded exam with a perfect score. Some legends claim that the sight of good grades makes her vanish into thin air. ”

    I spy, with my little eye, a moral to this story 😉
    Anyway, thanks Bruce, that was one awesome little ghost tale. Think they’ll make a movie out of it any time soon?

    And wow… from the same Pink Tentacle a story about a human samurai, who became a ghost, who became a god. Awesome stuff.

  3. bruce… you are so STUPID….


    but you have NO ANSWER TO DEATH… therefore you FAIL…








    Repent and turn to God.

  4. Shana

    I just love anything Japanese. I don’t know why Japanese horror movies are more scary but it really gives me the creeps. Hanako chan wa hontōni kowaidesu. Kanojo wa yūreida! (Hanako is really scary. She’s a ghost!)

  5. Miss Niki Friday

    Hanako-san is creepy…just not as creepy a mr.bradford….my former gym teacher xD u DONT want to find him in ur toilet or in the girls bathroom…Mr.bradford…or hanako….i choose hanako xD

  6. Miss Niki Friday

    and u can scare hanako away with ur “fumes” if u kno what i mean xD haha

  7. creepy girl'

    i thinc hanako id duper scarry it scared the hek out of me! and shes a ghost why are japanise movise so much more scary then the other dont want to find her in my toilet’

  8. Anonymous

    this is stupid why would somebody want to call hanako san

  9. Anonymous

    And don’t disturb her . she just a little girl

  10. Anonymous

    wait miss niki friday how can scare hanako san with fumes.😓

  11. Anonymous

    My friend and I attempted to summon her in our school bathroom failed but going to try again wish us luck 😉

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