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Jesus With A Stiffy?

Usually, Catholics see him in pizza slices, cheetos or even the backside of a dog (though the last one is considered sacreligious). However, this time the tables are turned and Oklahoman parishioners are seeing something else in a ten foot image of Christ on the crucifix that hangs over the main alter in St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in Warr Acres.

Is this anatomically correct?

Janet Jaime, the artist who was commissioned to make the piece, copied a 12th century icon of Jesus known as the San Damiano Cross that is a Franciscan icon kept in Assisi. The abdomen in the original is supposed to be a depiction of Christ’s distended stomach as he suffers but as you can see, the image on the Oklahoman Jesus is decidedly phallic.

The original San Damiano Cross in Assisi

Monsignor Edward Weisenburger of the Oklahoma City Archdiocese said he has no problems with the crucifix. He said the archdiocese has received no complaints about it. However, it would appear the some of the more senior members of the church have come over all queer by the sight of Jesus with a stiffy.

Parishioner Seanene Smith said, “I was horrified. I believe in freedom of expression. I believe in artistic freedom. I believe that a church is a holy place, and I certainly don’t want people telling anyone how to worship, but I was shocked, stunned, and if I hadn’t been prepared already, I think I would have just been ill.”

The Church seniors can’t see what the problem is.  There again, with the recent revelations about Catholic Priests and pedophilia, maybe they don’t see anything at all.


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