Scary Clowns

This still gives me the creeps

Following Rebecca Watson’s highlighting of the amazingly stupid, yet highly entertaining Insane Clown Posse, I was reminded how scary clowns are to many young children including my own girls when they were both young. I have no explanation for why adults think that guys in greasepaint and grotesque make-up would be remotely entertaining let alone likable for most children – a point so brilliantly portrayed in Stephen King’s “It.” I still remember that terrifying scene where the child victim looks down the drain and sees “It.”

Your friendly birthday entertainer

So I was somewhat surprised to discover that parents are hiring Swiss actor Dominic Deville to terrorise their own children as a birthday treat. He taunts the child victims with phone-calls and texts telling them that he is going to get them and smash a pie into their face. For crying out loud.. what kind of parent would do that to their own child. Is it because the Swiss are neutral that they are so weird? Dominic assures us that, “It’s all in fun and if at any point the kids get scared or their parents are concerned we stop right there. But most kids absolutely love being scared senseless.” If he turned up at my birthday party (which I never have coz I don’t do birthdays!) I would deck him.

Sugar Weasel- A Real Ladies Clown

However, for some warped adults, clowns are a bit of a turn on. Take Sugar Weasel who services the adult needs of Austin Texas from $300 to $1200 an hour. He dances, strips and offers the full escort service. Of particular note is clown domination of women or alternatively women domination of clown. Frankly I would like domination of clown with a baseball bat. They just creep me out.

Anyway this gets me back to the Insane Clown Posse who have taking clown terror to a new high. The extent of their scientific ignorance is beyond belief and they think all scientists are lying “motherfuckers.” Maybe it is a brilliant mickey take by two highly intelligent rappers, but I fear not. Alot of people think like this. Check out their “Miracles” video which is beyond scary… after all how do magnets work if not by magic?

What do you think? Would you hire a clown? Or vote for one?


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7 responses to “Scary Clowns

  1. Arno

    On the clown escort: yeah, makes sense that someone went into that business. Hell, there is a clown porn movie, so there must be a business for that stuff. And I bet he is making decent profit too.
    And yes, such a movie actually exists. And no, I haven’t seen it myself, but read two independent reviews and decided that that was all that I would ever need to know about it.

    Back to ICP: this must be serious. I mean, honestly, they start with abusing the word “theory” even before they even start rapping. The rest of the song just insults my brain further. They are just really, really ignorant. Best thing to come from it: Saturday Night Live did a rather nice parody on the thing.

  2. Man, I actually kinda dug ICP in a sort of campy way back when they were rapping about circus freak shows and foursomes with obese women. This is just pathetic.

    In terms of odd clowns, he may be fictional, but how can you leave out Dr. Rockzo?? “I do cocaine!!!”

  3. brucehood

    While the Saturday Night Live parody is funny – it isn’t as funny as the original…still thanks for those of you sent me the link.
    And James, Dr. Rockzo is plain freaky…

  4. jacarandamimosifolia

    Never mind the clowns. The Swiss are so weird because, as Alan Coren once observed, both of their national products, snow and chocolate, melt.

  5. Wait a minute. Hold up. Parents are actually letting a clown terrorize their children. As if being a child isn’t tramatic enough.

    All three of my children hate clowns, especially my daughter, so I thought it particularly astute of my mother (not) when she suggested that my daughter become a party clown to earn money.

    Clowns are evil, and no, I never told my children this, but my shudders probably gave it away.

  6. Lene Taylor

    Clowns in general are horrifying, but I have to respect Ouchy the Clown: not only does he do domination, he’s also a DJ, and he facilitates meetings! I’ve been in any number of business meetings where it would have been very satisfying to have a whip-wielding clown on hand to beat some people into making decisions.

  7. brucehood

    Lene, If I hadn’t visited your links I would have thought you were hoaxing but OMG, I am missing out on the whole Clown culture.. as for facilitating meetings, we need Ouchy to run our parliament.

    thanks for getting in touch

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