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I Just Need a Bang on the Head

Tuesday Lopsang Rampa AKA Cyril Hoskin

My Friday favourite Nurse Myra reminded me some weeks back about the supernatural consequences of a bang on the head. Apparently a number of individuals have acquired psychic abilities after concussions but none is more bizarre than Cyril Hoskin, a local man from Devon, who fell out of a tree in his garden only to regain consciousness as the reincarnated Tibetian monk Tuesday Lobsang Rampa (apparently Tibetan names begin with the day of the week they are born). Lobsang went on to write a book, “The Third Eye” in which he recounted his previous life growing up in a Tibetan monastory after being sent there at the age of seven.

Despite being ridiculed as a hoax, The Third Eye went on to become an international bestseller. The title of the book refers to an operation Lobsang claims to have had where a hole was drilled in his forehead to enable him to use his third eye to see people as they truly were. Even his publishers did not believe their author and at one point his editor tested him with some Tibetan language to see if he recognized his native tongue. When he was told that he had just failed to understand a single word of his “own language”, Lobsang Rampa threw himself onto the floor, writhing in agony claiming that he had been horrifically tortured by the Japanese in the war and had blocked out all knowledge of Tibetan.

Lobsang went on to write 18 books and enjoy a successful career as an author…. That’s what I need .. A damn fine bang on the head… and a hard neck!


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