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How Would You Like to Be Mounted?

Puerto Rican corpse biker

He really should be wearing his safety helmet

Believe it or not, the young man in this picture is dead. David Morales Colón, 22, who worked as a messenger was killed by gunmen in Puerto Rico last week. It’s a violent city and no doubt the killing was gang-related but what makes this story unbelievable is that David asked that he be mounted on his favourite Honda motorcycle for his funeral. David is “on display” until tomorrow.

david colon dead biker

David does look pretty cool - stone cold in fact!

I think that this could start a really interesting trend. The funeral home that carried out the embalming, also struck an unusual pose for 24-year-old Angel Medina who wanted to be standing at his own wake two years ago. Here is Angel in the corner of his mum’s living room. Come to think of it  – why bother with the burial? Could make for a very useful hat stand.

mummified Puerto Rican corpse in corner

Angel in the corner of mum's 'living' room


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