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Sex and Death WTF NSFW

Yes I pinched your image but I am promoting your mag

Well it was only a matter of time before some genius thought of combining two of the main obsessions of adolescent boys, girls and corpses, into a magazine. It’s been going for some time from what I can gather, though I do note that some commentators on various blogs claim it is a hoax. Well if it is then, it is a very elaborate and expensive one as these are impressive cover shoots.

If only it were not so life-like

I don’t believe it is a fake – sex and death are primary interests to many humans – why else are you here and if you want to guarantee site traffic to your posting then abbreviations such as ‘WTF’ and ‘NSFW’ signal that it is likely to be sex and death that is covered. Some of the biggest sites such as www.rotten.com have been working this winning combination for some time and it may not have escaped your notice that my humble site also addresses sex and death on a regular basis. I like to think of sex and death as ‘entrances and exits’ – I even gave a public lecture on this once to make the point that these inevitable facts of life are replete with superstition, beliefs and all manner of irrationality. In short, fertile ground for someone interested in the unbelievable. Well that’s my professional explanation. There again, it just might be the juvenile adolescent boy inside me who refuses to grow old.


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