Psychic Possession of Money

Nancy Marks wants to possess your money

They say that money is the root of evil and one psychic has taken this message literally. Nancy Marks, a psychic from Lafayette, Colorado, was arrested for fraud after telling clients their “money [was] evil” and that she’d take their cursed cash so “the money would suffer” instead. Marks made at least $290,000 using this scam.

Apparently she told clients that Vigo the Caprathian was exercising demonic possession over their bank accounts. Well frankly, if people are that gullible then they probably deserve to be ripped off. There again, Nancy does look particularly menacing so I wonder what level of persuasion was used. She is alleged to have told one victim that if she did not pay up then something terrible would befall her mother.


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3 responses to “Psychic Possession of Money

  1. Isn’t Vigo from Ghostbusters?

    Based on the photograph, I tend to think that some of her clients were probably scared witless as to what she might do and decidd that being relieved of their cash was better than being turned into toad spawn.

  2. Hah! Yes, I recognized Vigo the Carpathian from Ghostbusters II, but I thought he was a reference to a real historical figure — but no, they made it up just for the movie.

    Classic. I gotta say though, how is this “fraud” and run-of-the-mill psychics are not? Did she forget to say she was taking the money “For entertainment purposes only?”

  3. What is the worst thing she/he ever did?

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