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Crossbow Cannibal

Stephen Griffiths - "The Crossbow Cannibal"

Stephen Griffiths, who is charged with the murder of three prostitutes in West Yorkshire appeared in Bradford court today and gave his name as “the crossbow cannibal.” Apparently he was caught on CCTV murdering his last victim by firing a crossbow bolt into her head.  The 40-year-old psychology student who was supposedly doing a Ph.D. on serial killers was noted for being an oddball by neighbours and a bit of a loner. He was said to be fascinated by another Bradford killer, Peter Sutcliffe  who rampaged on a murder spree in West Yorkshire killing 13 women between 1975 and 1980.

From what I understand, Griffiths’ victims were dismembered which makes me wonder whether his self-appointed title of crossbow cannibal is a reference to what he got up to once he had killed the women.  Watch this space as they as we learn more details about these horrific crimes. I expect that Griffiths may have eaten parts of his victims so I am curious to know if he believed he could imbibe his victim’s vitality or essence as I describe in SuperSense.

UPDATE: It has just been announced that Griffiths has been jailed for life after admitting the murder of three women. Here you can watch his confession on a police video. True to his name. he also claims that cooked and ate one of his victims and eating parts of another raw. In the interview, he ends by saying that he has no time for the human race – the human race on the other hand has all the time for Stephen Griffiths… god that sounded like a cheezy one liner that one might hear on CSI!


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