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How Pleasure Works

I have only really used this blog for promoting my book (after all it was set up by my US publisher) but I would like to take this opportunity to plug the wonderful new book “How Pleasure Works” from the brilliant Paul Bloom. Paul is a Yale Professor of Developmental Psychology and wrote “Descartes Baby” which has been so inspirational in my thinking. Now he has turned his attention to pleasure! Paul has the amazing ability to make deep concepts accessible and this new book is no exception. I think we both share a sense of the wicked and the sections on pornography are eye-opening (as it were). There’s some absolutely fascinating stuff on essentialism and his discussion of a concept you may not have encountered before “alief” is really thought provoking.

His UK publishers asked me for a blurb and I suggested, “Pleasure yourself with Paul Bloom’s new book – you wont be disappointed.” For some reason they did not go for that. I wonder why? There again, if you compare the US with the UK cover, I think on this instance we Brits have been particularly prudish! If asked by  Crassus from “Spartacus” on this particular issue, I would have to say that I prefer oysters!

It is on sale today in the US and UK and here are the two covers.

US Cover - Do you prefer oysters?

UK Cover - or being tickled with a feather?


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