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The Island of Dolls

I find dolls creepy

There is something very creepy about toy dolls. Like many young boys, I used to scavenge derelict sites (you can read about the disgusting episode with the dead cat in SuperSense) and very often I would discover a discarded old toy doll. I found these objects surprisingly disturbing and still do today. Occasionally the eyes had been removed because the mechanism that made them roll back in the sockets when you tilted the doll had been removed.  So imagine the shudder I felt when I saw these images from this story about “La Isla de la Munecas” (The Island of Dolls) in Mexico.

The Stuff of Childhood Nightmares

Unbelievably, the Island of Dolls is the nightmarish vision of a reclusive hermit, Don Julian Santana, who spent the last 50 years of his life creating the macabre sanctuary where thousands of dolls are suspended from trees by nooses.

Something is not quite right here.

Don Julian Santana, is said to have created the island as a homage to a little girl who drowned in a nearby canal. And as if the story could not get more weird, Don was found drowned in the same canal in 2001. Now why hasn’t this story been brought to the big screen yet?


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