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Bad Case of Crabs

A coconut crab

The wonderful Gia Milinovich re-tweeted this site earlier today and I just had to blog it. These ugly monsters are coconut crabs that inhabit many Indo-Pacific islands including Nikumaroro, which is believed to be where the pioneer aviator Amelia Earhart ended her days after failing to fly round the world back in July, 1937.

your worst nightmare?

An expedition led by Richard Gillespie to Nikumaroro recovered artifacts and a partial skeleton lending weight to the claim that Earhart managed to land the plane on the island and survive for some time before succumbing to disease, hunger or some other misfortune. “The reason why they found a partial skeleton is that many of the bones had been carried off by giant coconut crabs. There is a remote chance that some of the bones might still survive deep in crab burrows,” Gillespie said. He intends to return to the island this summer and thinks that further remains might be found. I for one have no intention of ever wanting to see one of these ugly brutes in the flesh.


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