Italians Have Got Style

I have always thought that the Italians have style – whether it is their clothing, cars, or household items. I have just seen the cover for the Italian version of the book, and I have to say that it is very impressive. I think it has a Tim Burton feel to it who is one of my heroes.

The Science of Superstition paperback is officially published next week in the US so I am hoping that this will be a publishing sensation just in time for TAM 8 in Vegas where I will be speaking. I am on the bill after Michael Shermer which is a bit daunting! There are some great people there and I am looking forward to speaking to Carol Tavris, whose book I have just finished reading, “Mistakes Were Made.” I can highly recommend it.

In the meantime, I am off to Glastonbury Festival now to lie in a field over some lay lines and so will not be blogging regularly for a few days. I also have a bunch of important stuff coming up in the next few weeks, but I will try to keep you updated on my activities. If I can remember anything, I will be report back from Glastonbury where I hope to discover that I have been wrong all along, and that the supernatural is real.


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3 responses to “Italians Have Got Style

  1. Bruce,
    Of all the designs, I have to say the Italian version is my favorite. It really seems to capture the essence of your book.

  2. I agree – the Italian cover is the best so far. And I’m delighted to hear the paperback is out in the US.
    One of the parents in my class gave me a gift card to B&N, and I may very well use it to get your book.

    Have fun up in Glastonbury. That shit is all as real as you want it to be, and it’s always better with a Full Moon. I’ll be tossing salt off my terrace.
    And smoking weed. That kind of shit is always better with Weed, too.

  3. I love the cat – he looks a bit steampunk

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