German Cover

Okay, just a short post but here we have the German cover that I have only just discovered. What’s with the frigging cats? I never suggested them but it would appear that every designer likes the cat motif. I must be more of a dog lover – actually truth be known – I am neither – having little empathy for non-human species.

I am beginning to wonder if I missed a whole trick here but what the hell- you live and learn. Anyway, now thinking of fresh ideas and new fields to plough.


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11 responses to “German Cover

  1. Maybe you could write a book about cats. I hear they’re popular. 😉

  2. brucehood

    Schrödinger’s cat maybe but otherwise, nope.

  3. Ugh, my wife was watching this show called Men of a Certain Age, and apparently one of the characters used Schrodinger’s cat as an analogy while telling an anecdote… but he got the thought experiment TOTALLY WRONG. I guess he was saying something like how if you open the box it always kills the cat. No!

  4. jacarandamimosifolia

    I like the terseness of: “Supernatural? Natural!” It sounds like some Neitzschean quote about Man and Superman…which leads one, inevitably, to wonder how other national stereotypes might be revealed in international versions of the book jacket…

    I submit “Incroyable! Pourquoi les Anglais sont si crédules.” for the next one.

    Hope Vegas goes well.

  5. the cat dominates the cover . . . ugh.

  6. Fred

    “little empathy for non-human species” ?

    How nice.

    What about dark-skinned people? Women? Do they make the cut?

    • Fred, WTF?!

      It would make more sense to assume that every person who dislikes zoophilia is a homophobe. Or that every person who makes hasty generalisations is mentally deficient. Neither of which is correct, I should perhaps point out.

  7. brucehood

    I simply meant that I am not an animal lover but as humans are also animals, I was just being specific. It also does not mean that I do not care about animals or the environments they inhabit. I don’t anthropomorphize them which is something that more of us should consider.

    What do you mean by nice and why are you asking about women and non-whites? Do you equate being a non-animal lover with sexism and racism? That’s a non-sequitur.

  8. Richard

    Black cats are widely believed to bring bad luck (e.g. so it’s very appropriate to have one on your book cover, Bruce. I can’t say I like the one on Supersenso (it would put me off buying it), but I loved the shadowy one on the original UK paperback – and the way it made its way across the pages within a chapter was actually useful when place-finding.
    Talking of black cats, I really badly miss the one that used to grace the top of your blog: whose rotten idea was it to switch to the saltcellar? (Surely not yours?) And why has its cap got a left-hand thread?

  9. Fred,
    You obviously are not a regular visitor to this blog. Perhaps you should read a few more posts before making spot judgments. Bruce, as a critical thinker, does not hate animals, but he does not grant them human characteristics as I do (I know, Bruce, but I can’t help it). As a woman with olive skin, I can attest to the fact that Bruce has not shown an inkling of sexism or racism on this blog since I’ve been following, which is going on two years.

  10. jacarandamimosifolia

    No, he does hate animals. My dog will testify.

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