I’m Off to SciFoo

Well, SciFoo has come round again and I have the privilege to be asked back this year. For those of you who do not know anything about SciFoo, watch the video of last year – though for some unimaginable reason it does not feature me. Never fear, I am buddying up with Michael Shermer, Laurie Santos and Paul Bloom to give presentations on skepticism & activism, children’s & monkey’s understanding of objects and the essentialism of pleasure. The guest list is outstanding this year and I am looking forward to shmoozing with some the smartest people gathered together. There are a bunch of media scientists from the UK including Armand Leroi, Adam Rutherford and Marcus du Sautoy – should be interesting to see how that mix works. Then there are international science best-sellers like Jonah Lehrer & David Eagleman. Mixed among these luminaries are the occasional Nobel prizewinner – “Oh yawn’s ville – so you got an award but have you been on the Colbert Report yet?”


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3 responses to “I’m Off to SciFoo

  1. Anonymous

    thank you Mr. Bruce. Your book “Supersense” is very very fantastic. Before, I had read other book about supertisccion, it’s named “The Divine connection” (in spanish “La conexión divina”, a approach from philosophy and theology of ascient pre-cultures and cultures towards of monoteis’s religion. But, your books is very best.

    sorry my english.

    • brucehood

      Dear Lola,
      Your English is good enough to make me feel very pleased – I really appreciate your comments.

  2. Lola

    I’m very happy. Thank you.

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