Friday the 14th?

Alton Towers re-opened their ride “Thirteen” today under the new name “Fourteen” in a bid to qwell superstitious visitors who would not want to take the ride on Friday 13th. To mark the occasion they have a new banner as well as limited edition t-shirts for sale…. Make of that as you will. Meanwhile a piece I did for BBC’s The One Show is supposedly broadcast in about 30 mins so I am off to watch that and cringe.

The Superstitiously Improved Thirteen Ride at Alton Towers


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5 responses to “Friday the 14th?

  1. Celebrated by taking my older daugher to the Museum of Technology.

  2. polomint38

    Brucey Babes on the One Show, feature presented by Phil Hammond

    • brucehood

      Thank you polomint38… that was very kind of you to put this up. I do think I look very dishevelled though and maybe a little to TV enthusiastic with the head nodding!

  3. jacarandamimosifolia

    ‘Brucey Babes’??!!
    How rapidly insidious celebrity can undermine the authority of academia!

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