Still a False Sense of Security in Iraq

The ADE 651 in 'use' on Sat, 14th. Baghdad. Photo by Karim Kadim AP

Once again we learn of more depressing news of suicide attacks in Baghdad yesterday where scores of civilians were killed in a series of suicide bombings. There were bombings last Saturday as well but as the death toll was comparatively minor with less than 10 fatalities, it seemed almost trivial to report this from a country which is about to tear itself apart in civil war. That was until I saw newspaper reports from the Associated Press where photographer Karim Kadim had snapped a picture of an Iraqi police officer using our old friend, the ADE 651 bomb detector at a checkpoint in central Baghdad, Iraq, Saturday, Aug. 14, 2010.

I am not saying that yesterday’s killings were an indirect result of relying on the woo bomb detectors but the fact that they are still in use is unbelievable. In fact, ATSC Ltd that make the dousing rod detectors is still trading and by all accounts from their new updated website, selling more of these devices. The News and Events section even talks about new R&D of the device as well as further sales to Iraq. Now that really beggars belief. Jim McCormick may or may not be facing trial later this year, but Iraq is still left with the legacy of a false sense of security. Selling devices that put lives at risk based on dousing, diving or whatever magical fairy dust you claim works, is simply immoral. It is too depressing to contemplate – I may have to just give up reporting further bad news about the immoral exploits of this British company.


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4 responses to “Still a False Sense of Security in Iraq

  1. Zyaama

    Please keep reporting on this. As depressing as it may be, we need somebody to do it. The regular press seems to have moved on, but that doesn’t make what ATSC is doing any less immoral.

  2. Techowiz

    Hi Bruce,

    Perhaps you can contact Jim about that test he was going to do for you, now that they have finsihed their period of shame after exposure on the BBC.

  3. An what about the Mexican Army? If well they are using mostly the GT200, the ADE651 it as well:

    So it does some State police agencies, as in Colima:

    If the so called “war on drugs” relies on these magic wands, we are doomed…

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