Britain’s Most Disgusting Woman?

Britain's most disgusting woman, Wendy Lewis. Photo by Warren Smith

Following the theme of sacred sites from the last post, it was interesting to hear about Wendy Lewis who has been called ‘Britain’s most disgusting person’ by members of the Royal British Legion. Wendy went on the run today from a court in Blackpool where she was facing prosecution for urinating on a war memorial and then for good measure performing “a sex act” on some nearby drunk guy on a park bench. All of this was caught on one of Britain CCTVs (we have the most cameras per capita of any country). When word of the 32-year-old woman’s antics got round, a group of veteran soldiers waited for Wendy outside court to make their feelings known. However, before her case was called, Wendy fled the court and is currently being sought by police.

This reminds me of the couple who  were arrested in an Italian cathedral after parishioners heard groaning coming from the confessional box. When the authorities pulled back the curtain, they found a woman down on her knees, but not in repentance. She was performing “a sex act” on the man whose groaning was due to carnal pleasure rather than moral angst. The couple argued that as atheists, having sex in a church was no different to any other place. However, the church thought that the act was so sacrilegious that a special ceremony would be necessary to purify the box.

Somehow, I don’t think Wendy is going to be let off lightly. If the readers’ comments on the Daily Mail article are anything to go I expect they are going to through the book at her when she eventually turns up. There again… it is the Daily Mail.


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5 responses to “Britain’s Most Disgusting Woman?

  1. la sigher

    She sounds fairly normal to me… the things I’ve heard people get up to while drunk makes this look tame to be honest. It’s just media sensationalism if you ask me (no pun intended) :S

    “urinating on a war memorial”…

    so did all those veterans just assume that she was making a statement with that? Did she admit in court that it was a statement or just a unknowingly drunk coincidence? I wouldn’t be surprised if those supporters-of-war read too much in to it. *rolls eyes*.

  2. Lola

    In spain a man attacked wood sacred imagen called “The Big Power” (“el gran poder”). This man is in the jail for two to three year’s. I think than this man wanted take revenge for anything.

    This esculture is very venerating for sevilla country and too it’s very knowing and venerated for Andaluz’s people , one region in the south of spain. Football players and people in general to pray for “Betis FC” to winner in the football games with other teams.

    In Week Saint, between March or April, the people felling deeply the religious manifestation in the street. One craziness.

  3. Lola

    Sorry, The Christ of Big Power

  4. Jack Smythe

    It’s really no big deal. The most she should get is maybe being forced to scrub the memorial. There are far graver issues that merit far more attention than this minor incident.

    Why is the media, government, and public obsessing over this trivial issue?

    • brucehood

      Well I suspect this is why they call this time of year the “silly season” Are you sure they are graver issues? Maybe there are more memorial… sorry couldn’t resisting the terrible punning.

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