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TAM Socks It to Skeptics

Just about every religion has some form of sacred object. These objects become the focus of belief systems and sacred values to be shared by the group. Reverence and fetishism of these objects is a mark of identity and faith. How do these objects get their magical powers? Some are bits of bone, some are nails, some are even said to be Jesus’s foreskin.

James Randi

The atheist and skeptics movements are often accused of becoming cults in themselves. I

Richard Dawkins

wonder if the sock knitted by Daniela Rudloff (@Cthulhoo on Twitter) will become the Holy Grail of the skeptical movement. Certainly it has been imbued by powerful essences of those who have held it during the recent TAM meeting in London.

As you can tell from the bemused expressions, even high profile skeptics have a sense of humour when it comes to praising the sock. Though I confessed I was the one who seems least willing to hold the item.

Bruce Hood

Richard Wiseman


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