I am the Kitty Man

Here is the latest German version of SuperSense and yes, you have guessed it, it’s a cat. Despite my initial reluctance to cats, I am now becoming quite inclined to them. After all, who could not fall in love with this adorable “Nom nom nom” kitten? Or even better still, what about this surprised kitten? I have just discovered that the Japanese version of “SuperSense” is to be published soon so I am really looking forward to seeing what design they have gone for. I am leaving for a 10-day field study in Kyoto next week so blogging may be a bit erratic as I run around madly trying to tie up loose ends.


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5 responses to “I am the Kitty Man

  1. Kyoto is a beautiful city *jealous face* Have fun!

  2. brucehood

    Hi Dr Rachie! so pleased you could drop by. Yes, I was there 3 years ago and plan to establish a research collaboration there. Sorry I can’t make TAM Oz but I really have to knuckle down to work.
    I know you guys will do something special.

    • Ah, we will miss you! We just had a place open up too – I could have slotted you in. I shall wear a fake moustache in your honour – or since it will be Movember, perhaps I shall attempt to grow one for the occasion. I’m all over the place at the moment too – currently back in the US for the third time this year. Perhaps our paths will cross again soon 🙂

  3. If you will be in Japan for ten days next week, it will not just be the blogging that is intermittent. Enjoy Kyoto. It is an amazing place. One of my all time favourites.

  4. Surprise Kitty always makes me laugh

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