Super Sense Spa

My new venture?

How about a trip to Shanghai where you can visit the new Super Sense Spa? You can relax while reading my internationally acclaimed book about the scientific basis of supernatural beliefs.

Why not relax in one of our many luxurious treatment rooms while our expert therapists pamper to your every need?

Or perhaps you want to take someone there for some special treatment. Our fully equipped rooms are of the highest comfort.

Of course, there is no link between the fabulous Super Sense Spa in Shanghai and my book, other than the title. …. but if you just happen to be the owner who stumbles on this promotional link, then I would be very willing to travel to your spa to give private readings and lectures!


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8 responses to “Super Sense Spa

  1. Very funny. 🙂 Maybe send them a copy of the book and ask the people there to pose with it? 🙂

  2. A side venture to offset the decrease in UK research funding?

  3. Does your book have a happy ending?

  4. Anaglyph, you can borrow my copy and find out for yourself 😉

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