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Babe Piggy Bank

"That'll Do Babe"

Yes, that’s right. It is a real piggy bank made by Colin Hart from Belfast and on sale for $4,000 from TheCheeky.com. Marketed at those with too much money and too much loose change, the piglet bank is a texidermied carcass of a piglet that, according to the webite, was not killed but died of natural causes. Not surprisingly, the piglet bank is causing a bit of a stir. Have we lost our sensibilities again about the reality of human carnivorism? I expect that most people don’t want to be reminded about what the majority of us eat. Also I could not help thinking about the cute piglet Babe.

Piggy bank?

But maybe this is a trend we could develop. Do you remember the embalmed human corpses that I blogged about some time ago. Why not have our dear relatives turned into household piggy banks? There again, trying to get the coins out with a knife might seem a bit sacrilegious.


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