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Murderer’s Uniform Goes Up in Flames

A number of you have sent me the report in Canada’s “The Globe and Mail” last week about Russell Williams, the former Canadian Air Forces Colonel who was arrested earlier this year for the murder and rape of young women. Last month, he was found guilty of multiple murders and assaults. He is currently serving two life sentences and is unlikely to be ever set free.

Prior to his arrest, Williams had led an upstanding military life. He was highly decorated, had flown dignitaries and Royals around, was a keen fisherman and avid golfer along with his wife. But behind this facade lurked a different Russell Williams. Initially, he started off as a fetishist who broke into young women’s homes to steal their underwear. He kept detailed records of police reports of the crimes he committed and took photographs of himself wearing the trophies.

One of the worst set of images I have ever posted

Normally, I find pictures of grown men dressed in female underwear faintly amusing but these images of Williams that were published in the Montreal Gazette are shocking even for me. With two young daughters, it is difficult to remain impartial when considering Williams in a detached manner.

The reason I am telling you about Williams, is that last week the Canadian Forces burned all his military clothing. According to Canadian Forces spokesperson Cmdr. Hubert Genest, the idea to burn the uniforms had emerged “from the bottom up and been endorsed by the chain of command.”

“We did what we felt was necessary,” said Cmdr. Genest. “It feels right.”

Various commentators called the act unprecedented  but I would contest that it is simply a manifestation of evil contamination as described in SuperSense. This was more than symbolism – these items were infested with evil essence. What’s more, the authorities would not comment about the black market interest in murderbillia – the perverse collecting of items associated with murderers.

With over 346 comments on the article, you can tell that feelings run high for this case. I find it quite disturbing but we need to be aware that individuals can be made up of multiple selves.


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