Museum Murderbillia

Ted Kaczynski’s 1.4 acre plot of land in Montana has just gone up for sale valued at $69,000. Ted Kaczynski, a former mathematics professor is the Unabomber who posted parcel bombs that ended up killing three people. One of his intended victims was James McConnell who I wrote about in Supersense. He was the wacky scientist who believed in the cellular memory hypothesis where learning could be transferred from one animal to another by simply feeding the first animal to the second. I described McDonnell’s cellular memory work in the book to explain the claims of transplant patients who believe they take on the personalities of their donors. But I digress.

The sale of  Kaczynski’s land is not that newsworthy and I doubt the story will raise much of an eyebrow as he was not your hardcore disgusting murderer like Jeffrey Dahmer or Fred West. But where was the cabin where Kaczynski plotted to overthrow the modern world? It turns out that this is now in the possession of the Newseum, Washington – DC’s Most Interactive  Museum. I used to think that murderbillia was really for the cranks and weirdos but now it seems that museums are also getting into the macabre.

I shouldn’t be too surprised. As a kid growing up in Dundee in Scotland, I remember that my favourite exhibits were the executioner’s block, replete with many grooves from the accompanying axe, a moth eaten mummy from Eygpt, but best of all, the shriveled, shrunken head from South American. Yup, I guess the signs were all there from the very beginning.

Thanks to Steve for sending me the story.


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6 responses to “Museum Murderbillia

  1. Gerard Simons

    Anything dealing with premeditated murders, killings, violent deaths and even places and items that are connected with grisly deaths does not bring about anything good or happy. Very likely, the departed astral entities could still be haunting such places as their time(s) to depart the physical has not come via such forms of death.

  2. Arno

    Funny. I was about to comment on the previous post about similar obsessions. Museums are extremely into the macabre: the Rijksmuseum in the Netherlands wants to show the gun used to murder Pim Fortuyn, the torn out tongue of lynched politician Johan de Witt is in a museum in The Hague and there are tons of other used murder weapons etc in museums: Vienna has the dagger used to stab Empress Sissi, and a huge collection of memorabilia of the murder of Franz Ferdinand, including his car and bloodstained uniform. Washington has the gun used on Lincoln, while Madame Tussauds London prides itself owning the guillotine blade used for the execution of Marie Antoinette. Madame Tussauds is interesting anyway: depicting wax statues of celebrities but of both history’s heroes and its villains as well. Apparently the wax statue of Hitler in London was frequently vandalised and got its own guard in 1936.

  3. dmab

    now we are going to bury you…

    • brucehood

      Ah Dennis, Where have you been? I was getting worried that you were neglecting me.

      • Yeah, ol’ DM just had a resurgence early this week. Spotted him at a number of places.

        Here’s the weird thing: At my blog at least (in which the majority of posts are atheism-related or at least critical of religion) he seems to be mostly commenting on the NON-atheism related posts… like one about some renovations I did on my kitchen and such. Maybe it’s just coincidence, but it always kinda cracks me up.

        I continue to be baffled as to why this guy hasn’t done jail time. These are threats, not just normal trolling. And everybody knows who he is, too. Is it legal now to just walk down the streets telling random people that you are going to murder them?!

    • Arno

      Nice message on YouTube, David. Made that clip before or after you did a Brave Sir Robin and chickened out?

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