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Hitler Joins the Osmonds

Hitler Joins the Osmonds

The Church of the Latter-Day Saints or Mormons believe that you cannot enter heaven unless you have been baptized. So if you die unbaptized then you don’t get in. One way around is to perform a baptism for the dead where a Church member may be baptized on behalf of that deceased person. Seems a bit daft but what is more surprising is that the Mormons have taken it upon themselves to baptize those who don’t share this belief such as the millions of Jewish victims of the Nazi Holocaust or those who probably don’t deserve a place in everlasting paradise, namely the worst Nazis themselves. Yes, that’s right a baptism for the dead was held for Adolf Hitler on Dec 10th,1993 in London.

Initially, the Mormons denied that the ceremony had taken place but it is clear from this blog, that Hitler had been converted to Mormonism, even if he did not know it. They even tried to delete the entry, but the record here appears to confirm that Hitler had been “endowed” (funny that, I had always heard rumours to the opposite) into the Mormon church in Utah. Needless to say, all these shenanigans of baptizing Holocaust victims and prominent Nazis upsets the Jewish community. Apparently, the LDS Church has removed over 300,000 names of Jewish Holocaust victims from its databases and discouraging these forms of vicarious baptism. But then, if you don’t believe in another group’s voodoo and hexes, then maybe baptism for the dead should just be ignored.


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