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What to Do With the Bloody Qur’an?

Saddam's Blood Qur'an poses a Dilemma

Don’t worry, I am not suggesting desecration of the Islamic Holy book nor am I endorsing the attention-seeking antics of Pastor Terry Jones. Rather the bloody Qur’an in question is the one created out of 27 litres taken from former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein over two years that was painstakingly turned into a holy book. We learn from this piece in yesterday’s Guardian that since the Iraq invasion, the Blood Qur’an has been kept locked away in a vault inside a vast mosque in Baghdad.

The problem is that some prominent politicians want to rid Iraq of all connections with Saddam. In 2005, the Iraqi Government formed a committee to oversee the removal of symbols linked to Saddam. The trouble is that destroying the Qur’an would be sacrilegious. Even the reporter covering the piece was asked to stand at least 10 feet away from the glass housing the relic. I doubt there is a devout Muslim who will be able to burn it. What a dilemma?

I wish had known about Saddam’s Blood Qur’an when I was researching, “SuperSense.” In retrospect, I think he produced the mother of all essentialist relics!


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