QED is over

Just a brief post as I am super busy. I kicked off the opening of QED in Manchester at the weekend which was such a blast after a week of intense teaching. It had a really good turnout and I think the talk went down well. Certainly there was enough laughter at dog’s butts, blowing up teddy bears, Fawlty Towers, the joy of left hand love and all the other crowd pleasers. Even dowsing for the hand grenade worked really well. As you can see I had an enforcer to make sure that they laughed and applauded at the right bits.

Laugh or you will be exterminated

I must admit that I was pretty exhausted after my stint but I did manage to catch other talks including a great one on the problems of time travel by Jim Al-Khalili. I got a chance to talk to Jim who was lovely. Finally got to meet Kylie Sturgess (Podblack) in person. Also spent time talking to George Hrab who did a superb job as host for the event. George introduced me to Milton Mermikides who wrote the music for the video promo in the last post. Milton is a fascinating guy who knows first hand the importance of science and medicine – but that’s another story. I caught up with the usual suspects on the bill and generally had a great time.

Anyway, back to the real world and that huge pile of work that needs addressing.


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11 responses to “QED is over

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  2. I can confirm that your speech was very well received and thoroughly enjoyed by me and the others that I spoke to. I was sorry not to have the chance to speak to you but there were so many people, quite rightly, anxious for your time. Maybe next time!

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  4. The whole weekend was a blast. In particular I thought the talks by yourself, Chris French and Steve Novella complemented each other to great effect. Superb work by all concerned.

  5. Steve Page

    It was a wonderful weekend. Really good to talk to you again, Bruce, and to hear you lecture; Chris French, Steve Novella and your good self reminded me why I love psychology/neuroscience so much. I’m at the half-way point in my PhD and I badly needed reminding why I started in the first place, so please accept a huge thank you from me!

    • brucehood

      Gosh Steve, that’s one of the kindest things someone has said to me in a long time. That and “Here’s ten grand – go have some fun.”

  6. KSturgess

    You were wonderful!! 😀 😀 So lovely to finally meet you and you were such a joy to hang out with. Hope to do it again soon, was really interested in your views about conferences and the future of such events – really hope that we have ‘non-fans’ like the one at the Gala Dinner who ended up being more of a ‘fan’ than a critic! 🙂

  7. Christian Weihs

    QED was excellent! It was wonderful meeting you and the others there and I’m really happy I got to share my table with you at the Gala Dinner 🙂
    Speaking of the dinner: I asked you there if you had some reading recommendations to follow up some books I read (“Supersense”, “Mistakes were made” and “The Blank Slate”). You kindly provide me with titles and authors but somehow, dunno why, I completely forgot what you’d said 😀
    If I may bother you again regarding those books I’d be grateful!


  8. brucehood

    Other books I have enjoyed are

    How Pleasure Works by Paul Bloom
    The Decisive Moment by Jonah Lehrer
    Into the Silent Land by Paul Broks

    Anyone else with recommendations?

  9. Christian Weihs

    Thanks (again) !
    ‘How Pleasure Works’ is even on Audible. Guess, what I’ll be doing next? 🙂

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