Woo Bombdetector Crooks Finally Getting Their Just Deserts

The woo bomb detector story is hotting up as we learn that the Iraqi authorities have arrested Major General Jihad al-Jabiri,the man responsible for signing contracts with ATSC Ltd for the supply of the dowsing rod ADE651 in a £75 million scandal of corruption. Major General Jihad al-Jabiri was the jolly chap who rigorously defended the ADE651 when he and our old friend Jim McCormick, managing director of ATSC Ltd were called into account following several devastating suicide attacks in late 2009 which killed hundreds of Iraqis.

Major Frank Spencer With the Equally Ludicrous ADE651

If you remember, he organized a press conference where he demonstrated the remarkable abilities of the ADE651 dowsing rod to point towards a grenade in full view. I repeated the demonstration with a coat hanger and an invisible grenade for the BBC. I have since got my hands on a real grenade (disarmed) and use it to show the ideomotor effect which is the principle behind all dowsing.

The ADE651 also Detects Immoral Crooks

We learn that not content with placing his fellow countrymen at risk (and eventually the loss of over a thousand lives), Major General Jihad al-Jabiri sought fit to fleece as much as possible. Jabiri recommended that Iraq sign five contracts to supply security forces with the detectors for between £23,000 pounds and £35,000 each even though the real cost of the devices is no more than £60, and most of that went on the nice traveling case.

I would imagine that Jabiri, will have to grease as many palms as possible to get him out of this situation. Meanwhile we wait in anticipation to see the fate of those in the UK who so eagerly supplied these bogus devices – and that includes both the makers as well as the Department of Trade and Industry who recently defended their involvement in promoting the sale of the devices to the Mexican Government in one of the most shameful excuses to emerge – “if we didn’t make them, someone else would.” Let’s hope that decency and moral sense prevails. Thanks again to the tireless Techowiz in bringing this to our attention. Thank you also to diohuni who has just posted a comment on this.


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33 responses to “Woo Bombdetector Crooks Finally Getting Their Just Deserts

  1. diohuni

    Great work again Bruce!!
    Close now to really nailing this one.
    One big push and it’ll be all out, as the midwife said.

    • Anonymous

      And the laws of slander and deformation will descend on you like a storm from the East Mr Peter Robinson aka Diohuni and all your ill informed brethren bloggers . Insha’Alah

      • Peter Robinson

        Sorry! Appears I overlooked your comment above. I do love ignorant smelling and legul pishtakes! You do understand the difference between libel and slander don’t you? And I think you might mean defamation, but what the hell, if you are deformed, as appears to be the case, that’s your problem and not mine!

  2. Thank you for posting this. Every little bit of awareness helps, and the more blog posts like this are out, the more people will know about it and question their authorities when they see it in their country.

    You’re helping to save lives.

  3. Peter Robinson

    For those of you not yet aware, the trial of McCormick commenced at the Old Bailey on Wednesday. We MUST avoid making any potentially prejudicial comments that may be used by the Defence. Various news reports are available of the first main day of action yesterday. See here for some examples:




    PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ANY COMMENTS. Techowiz and I will be posting at our blogs as and when we can.


  4. Anonymous

    I think a surprise might be in store for certain bloggers,

  5. Techowiz

    Ah the mystery Romanian comes out hoping McCormick gets a not guilty at his trial, stupidly suggesting that he had been slandered (don’t you mean libelled?) or defamed. Surely for that to happen what we have said about him would have to have been untrue, there’s lies another problem for him. I have described him as a fraudster and whatever the outcome of his case that will not change, think golf ball finders now with a label describing them as bomb detectors. Better luck next time.

    • Anonymous

      Romanian, how wrong you are, one might also ask where did you get that bit of incorrect information from. I can assure you there is, at this moment no Romanian after your tail you will have to look at much warmer climate than that. 🙂

      • Techowiz

        I shall put your threat with all the other ones from the people who have made money out of this fraud.
        Strange how you fear those that exposé the truth of this scam but not the relatives of the thousands killed by it.
        Check your money, that red sticky feeling on it is the blood of those that have been killed by your scam.
        Look forward to receiving your legal threats, can’t wait to see how you prove your scam works in court, even the defence of your hero McCormick accept it doesn’t work, bring it on.

  6. Anonymous

    Thank you so very much Techowiz, loved your comment about the proceedings in court 16. Shall make this known to McCormick’s QC who I am sure will view your comments with interest as will Justice Hone I have no doubt.

    • Peter Robinson

      Herr General Hadji Georgiou of Prosec infamy perchance? If so, another toy soldier with his hand in the till, and no more honour than the finest dog filth on the pavement. Hardly a worthy opponent methinks. Too fat on the trough of corruption to be able to fight.

    • Techowiz

      If you let me gave his email address I’ll tell him myself and a lot more. As Peter said you are starting to bore us now.
      Either, produce your legal threats like all the other scam supporters, or go back to trying to remove the blood stains from your money.

  7. Anonymous

    How wrong you are Mr. Robinson, Hadji Georgiou is a name only know to us from the rantings of bloggers. Do hope he reads your comments about him though. Rank of General, interesting.

    • Peter Robinson

      Dear deluded Anonymous, Hadji Georgiou is a little more well known than simply by what you so wittily call the rantings of bloggers.
      So, we can keep up the guessing game, or perhaps track you down by other means. I prefer the latter now as this to-ing and fro-ing is getting a tad wearisome. Yawn!
      Au revoir. Peter

  8. Techowiz

    What happened to the monumentally stupid anonymous poster?
    The one who was so delighted with my comments that he thought he would halt the case against his hero McCormick. Like us here, the defence and the Judge probably dismissed him and his startling revelations from this blog as the tittle tattle of the desperate, so much for their undoubted interest as you put it. Did you take the opportunity to have them explain the difference between libel and slander to you whilst you were there?
    How is life in what you describe as the, ‘warmer climate’ with your inference to come from the East? I first thought it was a reflection of your intelligence that you misspelt the word, ‘defamation’, but if we go along with your silly pretend that you are indeed in the, ‘East’ then perhaps deformation might indeed be correct as I believe it is still practiced in the, ‘East’. But then, what self-respecting person from the, ‘East’ would not spell the word, ‘Allah’ correctly as you failed to do?
    I think you are a lot closer than your invented persona would have us believe, perhaps you have been associating too long with McCormick and think everybody is as stupid as him, you make that mistake at your peril.

    • brucehood

      More likely the East End but have they been having warmer climates than at the Old Bailey? I think not as I believe things are hotting up there.

      • Peter Robinson

        Suppose, despite denial, that there is a possibility the anal ill wind of Anonymous could be blowing in from the East, somewhere approximately adjacent to Romania, though I doubt it is much warmer there.

  9. Peter Robinson

    McCormick Guilty! What do you have to say to that Mr Anonymouse?

  10. Techowiz

    Nearly three months have passed since we last heard from, ‘anonymous’, perhaps he is still to get over the shock at his hero McCormick’s conviction, or, as Peter suggested it was Jim after all, should be back on here in about 5 years time then.

  11. Peter Robinson

    More excellent news. Gary Bolton of GT200 infamy guilty!

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