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Rendlesham Incident – here we go again

It was only yesterday, that I was doing a piece for the Discovery Channel explaining that people’s testimony is not science, many people want to believe the unbelievable, you can’t prove the non-existence as a logical fallacy and of course, David Hume’s classic (later attributed to Carl Sagan) “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” I was asked if beliefs will ever go away in the modern era and I replied, probably not. Once you have gotten rid of one crazy belief, along comes another. It’s almost as if people need their to be mysteries in the world that not be explained.

Today we learn of another set of papers released and one particular UFO sighting that has all the hallmarks that makes this one likely to run and run. There were credible witness and better still, there is conspiracy. Intelligence papers on a reported UFO sighting known as the “Rendlesham incident” have gone missing from the National Archives according to the BBC website. Clearly the authorities have something to hide. It is Mully and Sculder all over again.

The incident in 1980 relates to reports from a group of servicemen who said they saw strange lights in the trees near the RAF Woodbridge base – at that time being used by the US Air Force.  Upon investigation, they reported finding marks on the ground and damage to  the vegetation.

The BBC article goes on to describe other examples of UFO sightings from credible witnesses. I am sure they are and I can believe that they believe what they saw. But credible or not, for alien spaceships to travel light years that would take many generations of a human lifespan to travel from beyond our solar system, only to play catch me if you can with the local life forms in a cheeky “now you see” intergalactic game is more incredible than the credible witnesses. I am not saying that it is impossible, just highly implausible and plain daft.


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