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What to Do If You See a Ghost

With the launch of Richard Wiseman’s excellent new book, “Paranormality,” there is alot of talk about ghosts in the media at the moment. As most you probably know, we scientists don’t give much credence to reports of ghosts. More often than not, peoples’ experiences are simply due to their hypervigilance in situations where any ambiguous event can be reinterpreted as a ghost. And of course, there are always the pranksters who take delight in fooling the gullible.

But what should you do if you think you have seen a ghost. This video showing how unsuspecting Koreans resp0nd to the sight of a “Ring” type of ghost, ends with exactly what you should do.

I am sure that Richard would also suggest that you test out the physics of any apparition you may encounter. I, on the other hand, had better get on with writing my own book, “The Self Illusion,” which argues that our selves may not even exist. Now that is going to take a lot more persuading than belief in ghosts.


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