What to Do If You See a Ghost

With the launch of Richard Wiseman’s excellent new book, “Paranormality,” there is alot of talk about ghosts in the media at the moment. As most you probably know, we scientists don’t give much credence to reports of ghosts. More often than not, peoples’ experiences are simply due to their hypervigilance in situations where any ambiguous event can be reinterpreted as a ghost. And of course, there are always the pranksters who take delight in fooling the gullible.

But what should you do if you think you have seen a ghost. This video showing how unsuspecting Koreans resp0nd to the sight of a “Ring” type of ghost, ends with exactly what you should do.

I am sure that Richard would also suggest that you test out the physics of any apparition you may encounter. I, on the other hand, had better get on with writing my own book, “The Self Illusion,” which argues that our selves may not even exist. Now that is going to take a lot more persuading than belief in ghosts.


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38 responses to “What to Do If You See a Ghost

  1. Gerard Simons

    According to prominent mediums like Linda Williamson, Sylvia Browne, Philip Solomon and the late Prof. Hans Holzer etc., ghosts are earthbound discarnate entities of which our planet isn’t in short supply! According to Dr. Susan Shumsky, a “bundle of thoughts and emotions” is left behind after death. These constitute what is termed a ghost. Haunted houses etc. Sounds, knocks etc. caused by such. Departed spirits who cannot accept the fact that their bodies have perished, remain as ghosts whilst they linger on earth. Misty bluish grey or white, they can pass through all objects and move about at will. In England alone, there have been numerous sightings of real apparitions at haunted places. And ghosts have been portrayed as ghoulish, fearsome etc. Those types would inhabit the Lower Astral Worlds and could be termed poltergeists.

  2. Gerard Simons

    Always invoke any of the Names of the Lord and pray. Even poltergeists could inhabit any house they choose, where the vibrations are low. Perhaps divine water, talismans etc could be an alternative. Images of Jesus, Mary, Krishna, Sai Baba etc etc. would counteract any Lower Astral entities from residing at a particular dwelling.

  3. brucehood

    Gerard are you yanking my ghostly chains?

    • Gerard Simons

      Goodness, no, Prof. Hood!

      I myself really did see, for about 1 second+, a bluish grey misty face in the house, 5 days after my father’s passing in 2008. He had very dark eyes(no pupils!) and I remember the nose and mouth. Its still in my mind today. It was definitely NOT imaginary.

  4. So why exactly did they assume this was a ghost??? If I saw a creepy looking girl in a nightgown standing in the lobby of a building and gazing eerily at everyone who passed by, I’d either ignore it, or if I were in a kind mood, I might just be like, “Oh, uh, hi. Do you need some help?”

    Don’t get me wrong, that would scare the shit out of me. But why would you even for an instant think it was something paranormal, and not just a crazy person?

    • Arno

      Good question. Mostly due to cultural upbringing, I suppose. Chinese, Japanese and general east-Asian mythologies are brimmed with descriptions of ghosts as young women in white gowns (as that’s what the dead are buried in) who either are sorrowful sad entities, or jealous murderers of young children. So yes, seeing a person in a white gown like that, would immediately activate associations with the dead in people of said cultures.
      It would be identical to seeing a blood smeared person walking through walls in Western society. Unfortunately, that is a tad more difficult to pull off as a prank.
      Also, I think that that initial fear response (because, seriously, some seem to be ridiculously overacting it) might be due to a prime; it wouldn’t surprise me much if this prank was done very shortly after a viewing of such a horror movie.
      All in all, a pretty hilarious clip.

    • Gerard Simons

      Ghosts do not walk about like us and they can pass through solid objects(walls, buildings etc.). Very broadly, they present themselves briefly as misty forms without facial features etc. But they can appear to us in the human forms they were in before death if they wish. And they can just vanish before our very eyes, whereas a crazy person fooling around as a ghost cannot !

      • I just saw a woman ghost an hour ago. All night I was having dreams about ghosts and this dream I couldn’t control. Than I awoke and saw a ghost standing at the foot of my bed. The blinds in my room were closed but she was a blueish gray color so i thought the blinds were open and the moon was shining on her. But no it was her mini light. She let me see her face. She was beautiful. But I was scared it was my first time seeing a ghost like that. When i was a child I only saw eyes about once. I wanted her to leave but I also wanted her to stay. I was frightened so when I wanted her to leave she began to disappear. When I wanted her to stay she reappeared. She eventually vanished. I couldn’t sleep at all than. So here I am online 🙂 I’ve had nights when I can feel the presence of a ghost or I would be in the shower and I felt them, it’s been like that for years. But here I am today, I want to know who that woman was, I think she wants me to know. Or else she wouldn’t show her face.

        • Ms Julia

          Hey Ada, I am a psychic spiritualist. I just wanted to leave a comment for you, and tell you that you are not crazy! There is ghost or shall we call them entities. I have been in this practice half my life and dealt with many clients who’s come across this experience you have witnessed. This spirit came to you for a reason and obviously she chose you for a reason. We all have psychic abilities, some of us are more gifted than others but my comment to you is, to not fear her, ask her what she wants. It’s not going to be easy but know that she chose you.

  5. Phil

    I feel my house is haunted. Aug.22,2009 my father passed away. I have seen him about once a week. It has gotten so bad I only sleep 3 hours at night. I know he does not mean for this to happen. But how do I get rid of his spirt. It has gotten worse the past few weeks as well. I had to put my dog down. I have a sliding door leading into my bedroom with a metal track that she would drag her feet over. I could be reading a book and hear her feet on that track. Now I have my father and my dog visiting me.

  6. shail kazim

    i saw a white mist blowing up wards when i was sitting on the carpet. i tried to touch it but i felt nothing, nothing at all!! this no joke! i am able to see ghost’s and none of this is true!! where on earh do you people get your info!! ghost’are just soul’s that need some help getting to the right place!!

  7. kim

    I dont have any pictures or a website.. but recently i was very ill and had a cough that just about done me in… one day i coughed so hard n long that i literally crawled to bed . layin there on my tummy i looked at my doorway and coulda swore i saw an image standing there.. thats not the first time i have lived here 6 yrs same place and its not till either roommates or significant others leave/move out tht they tell me they had seen or heard something and one time my daughter said it was like someone touched her shoulder and when she turned she was alone. i dunno what to think or do

  8. Meme

    You spelled a lot wrong.

  9. darrel

    last night i saw one that was realy scary i couldnt scream i just gone under my sheet to cover but i know now how ppl react to a ghost

  10. guys my school is hornted, well the toilets are, the ghosts are after me and my bff. please help!

  11. Some of u ppl need 2 learn how to spell i mean 4 real doe go back to 1st grade duhh

  12. ongaku

    3:44 am april 8 sunday

    i woke from my nightmare after 5,10 seconds i saw somebody(ghost) standing in the corner of my room i shouted in panic hey hey lol and i ran towards the ghost the near i go farer the ghost and the ghost sundennly disappear from my door i was shivering and i turn on the light and light up the cigarrette and thought for a while did i just saw a ghost or something else and later i realize that it wasn’t realy a ghost it was just my icrap hahahahaha

    it’s real and quite funny.

    what would u do if u saw a ghost would u run towards it or run away from it? i ran towards the ghost lol u do crazy stuff when u r scared.

  13. I can see spirit it is Jessie marshall he die he is sick by chelsey Marshall

  14. Anonymous

    talk to the ghost and see who they are 🙂

  15. Anonymous

    ghost hunter: who are you?
    ghost: i am your FATHER!
    ghost hunter: nooooooooooooooo!!!!

  16. Maidmarion

    I have seen ghosts several times in my lifetime. I have a ph.d., am completely sane, and while they are a bit nerve wracking, I am getting used to them. If my house gets too crazy, I burn some sage, Hahn dried sage bouquets, nad sprinkle holy water in 4 corners. That will quiet things down forn1 to 3 months. They graduallyget restless and return.

  17. Anonymous

    al u gone mad.

  18. When notice th presence of a ghost talk to it politely instructing it go were its suporsed to be.

  19. When i was sleeping one night i felt the dogs paws pressing down on the matress walking around me. I sat up to put her on the floor and she wasn’t even in the room.Nothing was there.

    • none of your beezwax

      i swear that the other night, i felt something tickling my feet and when i sat up i saw a face that had no eyes and a bloody mouth and then the face changed to my brother. i sorta freaked and yelled “get out” and that was sort of a mistake because then it gave me a sad\creepy death face. i kicked it but that didn’t do anything so i screamed so loud that everyone in my house woke up. CREEPY RIGHT!!!!!!!

  20. lllloni

    i don’t know but i have 2 ghosts in my house and i feel like they are gonna kill me.

  21. Casper

    I woke up one morning to see a man in my doorway. He was wearing a big brimmed hat, a green shirt and purple-brown pants, all his clothes were very moldy. His face was blackened somewhat withered and his eyes shown out of deep sockets. My dog and cats saw him too,they were growling and hissing. I I was fearful of this man. He kept looking at me then turned to leave out my back door. I found out later a neighbor was found dead in her place opposite of mine.

    • Rox

      So if you, your dog, and your cats saw this man, what makes you sure he wasn’t real ? If he was somewhat bizarre and your neighbour was found dead, did you report him to the police as a suspect ?

      On the other hand, if you’re not sure you saw him, what makes you think he was a real ghost and not just your imagination ?

  22. Logan

    I do believe ghosts are out there trying to change our minds about things that we are supposed to know I have seen appearances
    That will blow your mind

  23. Heather

    I have seen a ghost this morning….I was driving past the gravel road that leads to my home.I looked down the gravel road to see a man with something thrown over the right shoulder ;maybe clothes in a pillow case tied?I was under the impression it was a homeless person ….he was wearing all dark clothes…looked black from the main road I was passing from.I could tell he was maybe 6 ft tall and thin.I went to the alternate road right up from the gravel road turned down going some what fast to meet up with this man thinking he maybe sleeping in one of the abandoned mobiles we have….when I reached the point to where I should see him…there was nothing.I drove down the gravel road very slowly looking in the woods ;which I could see straight through due to the winter.The woods are mostly filled with water due to all the recent rain.There didn’t seem to be any possible way he could have gotten out of my sight without me seeing him.There wasn’t enough time or any place to hide in that short period.This isn’t the only time this has happened to me.When I was at home leaning over my daughter while she was online…I was monitoring her,I saw a man out the corner of my right side.He was in a military suit,I saw his facial features ….the hat,suit his arm swinging indicating him walking fast.I saw his legs moving fast,he was wearing boots.He seemed to be a grayish color and disappeared in maybe a second.I remained calm didn’t say a word turned back to monitoring my daughter…..then my daughter says to me,”mom did you see that”! My hair literally stood up on my arms….she had confirmed it……I wasn’t crazy……that’s the reason I didn’t speak…I thought maybe It wasn’t real.My daughter had seen the same spirit I did and described it the same.There have been other times this has happened.I saw the ghost this morning and felt like I had to get online and talk about it.I keep wondering ,why??I want to know why do I see them and what does it mean if anything.I want to know if there is something to know or was it just that place or time when an event happened for that person and I happened to be there at that place and time??I am a kind of person that is spiritual…I am relaxed,positive,I believe in meditation,energy,I believe your words and thoughts have power…I believe your intent is key in your energy.Thank you all for listening !

  24. Anonymous

    I saw my first ghost for thr first time that I’m 30 and I never thought that would have happen. And again it was a girl/woman in a white type of dress or gown?!?!..blurry of course cus it was for only one second + no more or less than 2 second. She ran in the distance from right to left. About 20 feet behind where my cusn was sitting at. He was about 6 feet away from me. I even heard a twig snap and debris rustle..but i have to be honest to and say a guy we know use to to live there at that house which my cusn now lives in and that guy we know his pops caught the Mom his wife cheating and blew her head off w a shotgun.theres vibes there u feel them but still we never done nun to disrespect or anything like that and fyi i was sober aswell.

  25. Anonymous

    Tell the ghost
    Go away

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