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I Have a Sneaker Suspicion:Update

Locations of the first five feet found

Last week there was a report of another foot washed up on Canada’s BC coastline. This brings the total of severed feet to 11. The fact that the only remains are just feet is peculiar enough, but what is more bizarre is that most have all been found inside running shoes or sneakers as they say way out West.

The first foot, discovered in August 2007 on Jedediah Island, northeast of Nanaimo, is the only one to be identified belonging to a man who committed suicide but the other feet remain a mystery.

Some speculated that these feet where the remnants of the victims of the 2004 tsunami, others think that they come from Asian human traffickers, but both accounts have been squashed by oceanographers who have shown that the currents indicate that the feet originated from along the West coast.

Others think that there must be a serial killer with a foot obsession, but forensics indicate that the feet were not hacked off but had separated naturally from the rest of the body in the water. But there are no corresponding reports of missing people from the West coast.

I think the feet must come from decomposing bodies and because they are encased in running shoes, they are mostly protected from natural elements and have the buoyancy to enable them to float to shore. But who do they belong to?

In the case of the foot washed up last week, we now have an answer. It turns out that the remains where not human but animal. A local man did not want his dog playing with the bone that he found on a beach and so placed it in the running shoe.

I am sure that there will be a perfectly reasonable explanation for these discoveries but so long as feet in sneakers keep washing up Canada’s shores, I guess this story is just going to run and run.

What’s your theory?

UPDATE: Following the devastating Japanese tsunami, we know learn that there are 15,000 bodies that are still missing and are thought to have been swept out into the Pacific. According to this report, we can expect more feet in sneakers to arrive on the West Coast of the USA, somewhere around 3 years from now. Gosh. How horrific.


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