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Skin Deep

Wish I Had a Body Like That

There is something deeply disturbing about these two images. I guess the idea of wearing another person’s skin is reminiscent of “Buffalo Bill” from “The Silence of the Lambs” who kidnapped women and then skinned them so that he could make a female suit.

This hoodie comes complete with a tattoo but I think you would still have to have a reasonable body to look good in it. Actually, strike that, I don’t think anyone can look reasonably good wearing another’s skin.

The other image is also a bit weird. These are a set of designer shoes that have been commissioned by the Cheltenham Horse Race Meeting which is currently underway just up the road from Bristol. They look like some part of a pantomine outfit. For those non-Brit followers, we have this peculiar stage form where people dress up as horses and cows.

Seriously, Would You Wear These?

Anyway, outside of panto, I think dressing like an animal is strange. I guess the hypocrisy I am voicing is that I don’t think there is anything amiss about wearing animal skin.  Leather, is of course, just another skin but like many aspects of the human animal relationship, we prefer not to be reminded too much of where it came from.


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