I Like Stovies Too.

Alan also likes stovies

Ok.. this is neither science nor superstition but just a really funny video. The reason I am posting it is that I have always thought that my colleague and collaborator Alan Leslie at Rutgers has more than a passing resemblance to Dustin Hoffman except that Alan has a charming Scottish burr that Hoffman cannot imitate.

When I posted this on Facebook, (yes I have gone back into that time sink), Alan commented that he was the same height, share the same birthday and yes he does enjoy stovies – which I am sure will be a mystery dish to my non-Scottish followers.

Anyway, this video cracks me up and distracts me from the mountain of work that I am wading through.


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4 responses to “I Like Stovies Too.

  1. davmab



    we’re going to TORTURE YOU F*CKERS…

    • brucehood

      Oh bless you, you mad bunch of frogs in a box Mabus… I was getting worried that no one was interested in commenting on this vid. I know it seems a little self indulgent but I love hearing parochial Scottish accents and you have to admit Prof Leslie (a Scot) does resemble double Oscar winner Mr Hoffman

  2. haha… it made me laugh. and have you see Dustin Hoffman’s son Jake? Talk about chip off the old block

    PS: davemab’s a bit angry isn’t he?

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