Ode to the Brain

I am working my little cotton socks off at the moment and likely to be so for the rest of the year. So in the interests of making you return to my blog often (I need your approval) I will be posting less frequently and more bits’n’bobs. Normal service will be resumed once I kill off all my deadlines.

Here is something cute on a topic close to my head.


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5 responses to “Ode to the Brain

  1. Moira Griffiths

    I loved this

  2. HAHAHA! Bruce, you’re not going to believe this, I made the precise same promise to myself, with a blog post using the precise same video on May 2nd (Certainly not accusing you of copying or anything – the video was doing the rounds, it’s an amazing video!)

    —> http://neurobonkers.com/?p=2687

    I’ve got to warn you, I’m finding there’s no better way to get the urge to write compulsively than to tell yourself not to. Funnily enough despite promising to myself when writing that post that I’d take a break from blogging and despite this being by far my busiest time of the year I’ve written more decent (if I may say so myself) blog posts in the last week than probably the last month put together!

    PS: If you are in need of interesting psych content to fill the gaps while you’re busy you’re absolutely more than welcome to use a post or two from my page as a guest post on yours any time you like 🙂

    • brucehood

      That is a little spooky then maybe not when one considers that we are 1) both interested in the brain, 2) both blogging while working and 3) the video was released recently on YouTube
      Still it is surprising when synchrony of great minds happen!

  3. Podblack

    *gets back to work myself* 🙂

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